In recent years in particular the topic of migration has led to new political polarisations in the societies of Europe. The political and social challenges associated with this development are not yet foreseeable. There is a need for studies which explore the relationship between migration and democracy.

The Mercator Forum for Migration and Democracy (MIDEM) asks how migration impacts democratic policies, institutions and cultures and, at the same time, is impacted by them. Forms, instruments and processes of political processing of migration in democratic societies are examined – in individual countries and in a comparative view of Europe.

MIDEM examines:
• Belonging, Identity and Cohesion
• Political and Social Polarization
• National Governance of Migration
• Local Governance of Migration

MIDEM has as its task:
• to promote national and international networking as well as interdisciplinary communication about migration.
• to prepare regular country reports and cross-sectional studies which deal with central questions at the interface between migration and democracy.
• to develop pan-European recommendations for handling migration democratically.
• to provide political advice on a European, national and local level as well as to advise civil society.