Research group 1

Crisis discourse about migration and integration

Migration prompts democratic societies to define themselves. MIDEM therefore asks what understanding of identity and foreignness is constructed in the varied discourse about identity and belonging in European societies. In the German and European public the debate about migration is very prominent – it has led to a boom in crisis discourse about migration. The project analyses this crisis discourse from a comparative perspective as an expression of social and cultural ascription processes, in which central images, values and self-images of European societies are openly questioned or affirmed in a new form. Here it is not only a question of the right way to interact with refugees and immigrants. The public discourse about migration also revolves around questions of identity and belonging, of loyalty and cohesion – and reveals where the boundaries between ‘us’ and ‘the others’ are or where they are being moved to.

Focus areas

  • Analysis of debates about migration within politics and in the mass media in selected European countries
  • Provision of country-specific expertise
  • Reporting about events of Europe-wide significance (e.g. national elections)
  • Transfer (inter alia participation in conferences, communication with the press)