Research group 4

Local Governance of Migration

Integration happens locally: In schools, at the workplace, in the neighborhood or in associations. Municipal and regional actors of integration are confronted with major challenges in this process. Their experiences and perceptions of migration in small-scale or regional contexts are an important starting point for effectively addressing the challenges of integration. MIDEM investigates how immigrants and the host society interact in public space. How do these interactions take shape and what are the consequences? A particular focus of Research Group 4 is on the practical areas of political and socio-cultural participation, education, and health care in the context of integration policies in Germany and Europe. Different approaches to integration policies and their effects on the above-mentioned areas of practice will be examined. Of particular interest here are learning processes that have developed in the context of administrative, political and civil society interactions. On this basis, Research Group 4 develops recommendations for action for policy makers. 

Focus areas

  • Analysis of regional and local integration measures
  • Provision of ad-hoc expertise (e.g. in integration laws or concepts)
  • Comparative analyses and identification of best practice examples
  • Transfer (inter alia participation in conferences, communication with the press)