Migration and Civic Education

Migration is a controversial and complex issue within society. It is the task of civic education to reflect this complexity and controversy. Against this background, not only schools (cf. the MIDEM curriculum study) move into the center of attention, but also public institutions as well as civil society actors, such as (migrant) educational associations, which are active in this field. The following questions are focused on:  Which action-guiding understandings and perspectives on migration and migration-related issues do the different actors in civic education follow? How is migration addressed in the different contexts of civic education? Under which conditions can civic education contribute to the education for democracy and the participation of all members of society? In addition, since civic education is attributed a different status in Europe, it remains to be asked in what way these different understandings affect the topic of migration.

Ender Yilmazel, M.A.
Research Associate
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