Health care for asylum seekers and immigrants

Physical and mental health is an important component of successful integration and social participation. To date, health care for asylum seekers and immigrants has been studied primarily from the perspectives of health care and human sciences as well as psychology. However, studies on the political and administrative design of access to health care are scarce. The topic is of particular complexity. This is due, on the one hand, to the federalism of asylum policy in the Federal Republic of Germany and, on the other hand, to the multi-level character of the subject area of asylum & health (vertically varying competencies: EU, federal government, states, municipalities). Against this background, the project focuses on the following questions:

  • What scope for action do municipalities in Germany have in the governance of access to health care for asylum seekers?
  • What needs for action exist with regard to access to health care for asylum seekers at the different political levels? 
  • What can be identified as "best practice"?
  • What political recommendations for action can be derived?

With these questions, the project takes a look at the legal, political and administrative framework and, building on this, concrete fields of action.


Katja Lindner, Dipl.-Soz.
Research Associate

Tel: +49 351 463-35802