Polarization in Europe

The project investigates the various dimensions of political and social polarization in Europe. Through a comparative survey, this project will determine the distribution of opinions among the population in several European countries (Germany, France, Poland, Italy, etc.) on central social issues (migration, climate, Covid-19, etc.) as well as the respective assessment of people with different opinions. In this way, we intend to estimate the potential of attitudinal and affective forms of polarization for different issues and to draw conclusions about the impact of the associated societal cleavages. Our aim is to assess the political and social potential for cleavage and to compare it across different countries, regions and socio-spatial contexts within Europe.


Maik Herold
Research Associate
Tel: +49 351 463-42470

Cyrill Otteni, M.A.
Research Associate

Tel: +49 351 463-35722