Research group 2


In discussions on the topic, migration is seen to be a central factor in the Europe-wide strengthening of right-wing populist movements. An examination of the relationship between migration and populism thus raises questions which are important for the future of European cohesion and which have to be dealt with comparatively. MIDEM has taken on this task and is investigating the correlation between migration and (right-wing) populism: Does a rapid increase in the number of refugees or immigrants automatically lead to a strengthening of right-wing populist movements and parties? Is it possible to counter this development? What effects does right-wing populism have on migration or integration policy and cohesion in Europe? How and to what extent do social values, views and attitudes affect immigration and integration policy? At the same time, the answers to these questions also provide information about how parties and institutions should best respond to the challenge of right-wing populism.

Focus areas

  • Analysis of populist movements and parties in selected European countries
  • Provision of ad-hoc expertise (e.g. on the emergence of populist parties)
  • Reporting about events of Europe-wide significance (e.g. about national elections)
  • Transfer (inter alia participation in conferences, communication with the press)